Spring / Summer Collection 2024

Effortless and timeless, sensual and functional.

TĔLOPLAN SPRING SUMMER 2024 collection has been inspired by a book by Joan Didion, “THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING.”
In the book, Didion recounts her experience of grief after her husband's death.

The title of the book refers to magical thinking in the anthropological sense, thinking that if a person hopes for something enough or performs the right actions, then an unavoidable event can be averted.

In the collection, the extensive silhouette of the gown and raincoats represented Didion’s powerfulness and courage in sharing her intensive personal experience. The motif she describes as “the premonition of death” represents her very own “magical thinking” that her husband still might come back, which has been transformed into a cutout embroidery in the key piece of this collection.

Lin Li

Photography: Mayumi Hosokura
Styling: Lin Li
Makeup: Chihiro Yamada
Hair: Natsumi Ebiko
& team of TĚLOPLAN